1947...Right from the start...
There were great ambitions behind construction and production at Merser Pumps. The ambitions were started by foreman and smith, Hans Merser. Hans Merser knew his craft and wanted to produce quality pumps.
The pumps should contribute to industrial development after World War II. Hans Merser decided to use his know how to supply systems, central heating installations and centrifugal pumps for cirkulation and general applications for industry. He also constructed specific pumps for spooling / washing and waste water.

1967 – Hans Merser succeeded but because of bad health he passed on the Company to his son and his most competent engineer Arne Skovgaard.
After Hans Merser's death in 1967 the son and Arne Skovgaard continued to improve the pumps. 

Merser Pumps expanded within the maritime marked where they among others supplied Atlas Denmark, Alfa Laval, Nirex, APV and Sondex. Within industry they supplied companies as Cabin plant, York, Niro, Moldow and Novo Nordisk. 

1985 – Arne Skovgaard became director. 
His ambitions were high and innovation was important for him as to Hans Merser. 
Arne Skovgaard therefore saw his son, Morten Skovgaard, essential for the Company. 
Morten Skovgaard used modern methods to develop pumps for industry, Marine and Fresh Water Generator

1993 – Morten Skovgaard became director and later the owner of Merser Pumps.
Since 1993 Morten Skovgaard and his wife, Annette Skovgaard, have managed the daily leadership of the Company.

As Hans Merser, Morten Skovgaard mark Merser Pumps with originality, service and an ongoing focus on quality improvement and positive mutual work relations.