Spare Parts

As part of our services, we suggest spare part packages to meet your specific needs. 

We offer complete replacement pumps for freshwater

All types for Alfa Laval, Nirex and Atlas Denmark 

  • JWP
  • AFGU

Specific types for APV and Sondex. 

Furthermore Merser delivers a wide range of spare
parts for Fresh water generators:


  • type AFGU

Alfa Laval / Nirex: 

  • JWP-16-C40/50
  • JW(S)P-26-C80/100
  • JW(S)P-36-C100/125
  • D-PU-36-C100/125
  • D-PU-2-36-C100/125 

Names and types not belonging to Merser Pumps are mentioned as reference only

Spares range includes;

  • gaskets
  • titanium plates
  • distillate / ejector pumps
  • combined ejectors
  • air ejectors
  • brine ejectors
  • impellers
  • shafts
  • wearrings
  • mech seals
  • valves
  • salinometers
  • zink anodes etc.

We deliver spare parts within 24 hours worldwide.