Fresh Water Generator

Conversion of seawater into high quality freshwater is made possible with vacuum distillation.
To keep this process at a high level Merser Pumps constructed their own Fresh Water Generator type D-U/2. You will find this product on board of several ships worldwide.

A Fresh Water Generator consists of;

  • Destiller housing 
  • Front cover
  • Evaporator - titanium plate section
  • Condeser - titanium plate section
  • Brine / Air ejector
  • Freshwater pump
  • Ejector pump 

Merser keeps it that simple so it is easy to repair / service the pump.
You can then move on very quickly.

Beside of that Merser produces fresh water pumps, ejector pumps, ejectors together with complete titanium plate packages. Merser Pumps also produces these equipments for Nirex / Alfa Laval freshwatergenerators as a replacement possibility to have a new condenser or evaporator. 

We deliver these parts within 24 hours worldwide.